Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mullahs do not use Facebook

I am a political anarchist, and do not like the idea of a state. Authoritarian states are the ones I abhor the most. The Islamic Republic of Iran, with its populist president, and medieval mullahs is probably the state that I would like to see gone the most. Even though I am not optimistic about the outcome of the unrest in Iran, I would love them to see inflict as much damage as possible to the regime, which in the 21th century still persecutes homosexuals, forces on the people their understanding of a religion.

What I don't get however, is the way the people outside Iran show their support to the protesters. Signing on-line petitions, joining Facebook groups, changing status messages, or Twitter'ing will DO NO GOOD. Mullahs and Regime Guardians do not read Facebook messages. They ban them.

So here is a practical proposal from me, to people outside Iran who wish dearly to help the protester. Go to your local gas station and ask if the petrol they buy from the refineries include Iranian oil. If they cannot answer, call the gas companies. And do not buy Iranian oil. Sounds ineffective? Well, in my humble opinion it is as effective as trying to reduce animal cruelty by going vegetarian.

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Engin Kurutepe said...

Amen to that brother…