Monday, March 16, 2009

A good man first, a good Besiktas fan later

La Vittoria Sará Nostra! from Forza Besiktas on Vimeo.

Have you ever dreamed in a dream? I'm sure most of you did. Have you ever noticed in your dream that it was a dream? I'm sure most of you did.

But I am not sure if both of these happened to you simultaneously. I mead did you ever had a dream in a dream, in which you noticed it was just a dream, and you had to go back to the first dream, without noticing that the first one was also a dream?

I had this delightful experience few weeks ago, thanks to my wonderful sports club Besiktas.

It was few days before a game in Ankara that we had to win, when I dreamed. I was going to the stadium in Ankara, to watch the game. However the stadium in Ankara was the Olympiastadion. I was running around the many entrances to the stadium, only to hear the crowd inside chant, but not going in. I could not find the entrance. As I was about to get in, a sea of Besiktas supporters spilled out of the stadium, all with sad faces. We had drawn. After going 2-0 down, we could only make it 2-2, and it was not enough. I remember sitting down with sadness and falling asleep again. In my dream I dreamed we actually were 1-0 down, and we had won 2-1. Such a joy had filled my heart, only to be broken by realizing I was dreaming, and had to wake up. So when I woke up in my dream, I was sitting outside the Olympiastadion, crying. I hadn't cried that intensely in my life. I woke up finally from my original dream or nightmare, to realize how deeply my association with my sports club effects me as a person. And all my sadness was gone. I am proud to call myself a Besiktas fan...

I am not being chauvinistic about this, these feelings that my team gives to me are not exclusive to my club. However, I am proud that I get these feelings from a club, whose supporters have such a motto:

"A good man first, a good Besiktas fan later."

We won the game in real life. And things are going smooth at the moment in the club. We are a point behind the leaders, Sivasspor, against whom we will be playing this Saturday. I am sure I will be dreaming more of my club until Saturday. Luckily, the other significant actress of my dreams will be next to me when I am watching this game.

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