Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Darwin Day

I'll have to admit, Science and Religion do have something in common. People who devote themselves to these human activities willingly spend their days in desolate places, trying to to make sense of the world. Both activities certainly stimulate a certain part of our brains, so that these devoted people overcome their natural tendencies to socialize. Since I think that the scientific method of obtaining the truths of the universe is superior to the religious method -if there is one at all-, I am very much touched by some scientists devotion to their research.

Take Peter and Rosemary Grant. They have been spending 6 months of their year in a lonely rocky island in the Galapagos Archipelago, meticulously measuring, tagging, identifying Galapagos Finches since 1973. They were able to demonstrate that they are evolving their beak sizes over the years, matching the changes in weather, insect types, and sizes:

It was the same devotion to trying to understand the world through evidence, that defined Charles Darwin's life during and after his journey on Beagle. He came up with what can be considered as one of the most monumental works of human intellect "The Origin of Species" after 5 years of painstaking cataloging of fossils and specimens, yet more intensive categorizing after the journey, intensive observation of artificial selection by animal breeders. Thanks to this work, modern Biology was born, and we enjoy the practical benefits of his framework through modern medicine, improved agricultural seeds. We can hope that we will come up with treatments for cruel diseases and conditions, and if we are clever and cautious enough we may answer the problem of feeding the growing population of the world. Putting the practical benefits to side, we finally have an answer to the question "from where did this multitude of life on earth come?"

This great thinker was born 200 years ago. It is also 150th anniversary of his masterpiece. This year will definitely be a Darwin year. I really think we should celebrate this man's intellect, who came up with an hypothesis that has stood the rigorous scientific tests and criticism it faced 150 years, without the basic knowledge on hereditary properties, or DNA. The evolutionary biology is so much more advanced than what Darwin proposed 150 years ago. We are sequencing DNA's, we are comparing them across species, we have mathematical proofs of evolution, we have extensive fossil records, we have a basic understanding of developmental biology, but everything is still Darwinian, just as our physics is -for sub-light speeds- Newtonian. And this is not because it is forbidden to criticize it, to doubt it, but because people criticized it, and doubted it, and asked questions. You may not be convinced by the -immense- amount of evidence for evolution, that is very well. Question it, more you learn about it, more you'll understand and appreciate it. After all, this is the spirit of the Darwin Day. Happy Darwin Day!

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Let me finish it of with a song about the topic by my favorite female vocal:


Diyavol said...

Ahmet, Darwin falan demek Turkiye'de site bloklama nedeni artik. 2-3 tane daha evrim teorisiyle ilgili sey yazarsan adnan hoca mahkemeleri erisime kapatacak blogunu

Ahmet C. Toker said...

adnan hoca'yi istanbul'a geldigimde teknosa'da karsilasmistim, orada konusmadigim icimde kaldi.

hunhar said...

Ne konusulabilir ki o adamla?

Ahmet C. Toker said...

konusmadan bilemeyiz ki pinarcim.

Yigit Tileylioglu said...

Adnan Hoca'yi ben de akmerkezde gormustum. Muritleri etrafini sarmisti. Milleti nasil kandiriyor cok merak ediyorum, konusmak gerekir.

hunhar said...

Bilimsel gercekleri saptiran, cahil insanlarin cehaletini dogru olmadigi gun gibi acik bilgilerle iyice suistimal eden (en guzel ornegi de balik yemi resmi), resmen bizi aptal yerine koyan bir adamla ne konusulabilir gercekten bilmiyorum. Camur atayim izi kalsin mantigiyla hareket eden birine bilimsel gercekleri mi anlatacagiz? Adam isine gelmeyen fosil orneklerine, bu gercek fosil degil maket diyebilen,tas devrinin hic yasanmadigini iddia eden biri.
Haa gercekten bu yaptigina kendi de inaniyor mu, bu paranin kaynagi ne, ne buyuklukte bir networku var, bunlari konusmak isterdim.Ama cevap vermeyecegini biliyoruz.

Yigit Tileylioglu said...

Mesela bu yazdiklarina karsi ne cevap verecek onu cok merak ettigim icin konusmak gerekir dedim. Bir cok insani bu sekilde kandiriyor, ikna ediyor. Bu tur insanlarin konusma ve ikna edebilme kabiliyetleri gercekten cok yuksek olmali. Ne de olsa "kitleleri" pesinden surukluyor :)