Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Brain in love...

Functional MRI is one of the coolest scientific devices ever developed. With it the scientists are able to monitor which parts of the brain are activated, when individuals are involved in different activities. From dancing to taking decisions the functional MRI has revolutionized our understanding of many fundamental human activities.

As Helen Fisher put it, the most passionate human activity, the romantic love is one of the latest to be investigated in functional MRI. According to their results, love activates the reward/punishment mechanisms, along with risk taking and strategic game playing parts of the brain. Unlike people who can leave in a split second, the activity in those areas continue even 15 months after separation. Also, people who claim to be in love after 25 years still have those regions active! Lastly, the same reward region is activated in a cocaine high! Here is a 15 minute video of Helen Fisher's talk, which is definitely worth watching!

Helen Fisher: The Brain in Love

Liquido was right in their song Narcotic, love is like cocaine!

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and even though i dont know who they are: dengue fever; dj tittsworth; holy fuck; whitest boy alive

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i just got sigur ros tickets @ Red Rocks amphitheatre. i am sooo fucking stoked