Friday, April 25, 2008

Turkish Influenced Songs From Berlin

David Bowie lived in Schöneberg with Iggy Pop in the late 70s. This is from the last of his Berlin Trilogy, Low-1977, Heroes-1977, Lodger-1979. He was reading the writings on the Wall, when he came across the merry word Yasasin! -Long live!-, which is used in political slogans like "Long Live Our Struggle For The Brotherhood of the Workers!" popular back then. He says he rang up the Turkish Embassy and learned what it meant. And wrote this great song:

Modeselektor is an electronic music band from Berlin. They recently came to fame, after Thom Yorke started promoting them, after listening to them and liking the stuff. Here is a song dedicated to the biggest Döner chain in berlin, the Hasir:

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thuan said...

doener definitely deserves a song