Friday, December 21, 2007

Kanserden Ölmesin Karadeniz Ulan!

Otherwise an economic libertarian, I still believe in limited market disruptive interventions in the pharmaceutical industry, especially for those high risk groups.

One sad example of such a high risk group is the population in northern Turkey, in the Black Sea region, who are experiencing increased rate of cancer, possibly due to the effects of Chernobyl. Recently a young member of Besiktas Supporters Group Marmarali Kartallar from the Black Sea town of Rize died of cancer. This comes after some of the cancer treatment drugs were taken out of the mandatory health insurance coverage. The government should push for some cheap version agreement for those drugs to be administered to the high risk group only. Furthermore steps should be taken on preventative medicine practices, by setting up laboratories and conducting regular cancer checks on the population. I am sure there is some money somewhere in the world for this purpose...

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