Thursday, October 25, 2007

I am in love

We won 2-1. I am in heaven. I find it hard to write down my feelings. Its not the score, its not the game, it's not the team we beat. It's this love I share with millions. It's this love, which finally found its lover. I know this will be a short coming together. I know the players will forget this game soon and play miserable as they have done for the last years. But everything was worth fot these 10 minutes, when love -in my humble opinion- appeared in it most pure form in televisions:

We did not sing my favorite chant, Gündogdu - The day has broken, during the game. I am sure they did sing it after the game. Here is the chant that means so much to me, and its translation

We woke up when the day broke, and we made it to the stadiums
Covered us with flags, in the name of Besiktas,
Our neighborhood is the neighborhood of honest men, it charms every one,
May the shadow of my flag never be far away from me,
Here we are, standing shoulder to shoulder on days of trouble,
Don't take it as bragging, but we are the Black Eagles,
Black. Eagle.


Kayaoğlu 29 said...

Tebrik etmek bize düser. Carsi'nin tribün sovunu begenmekle beraber dün Kizilyildiz taraftarina hayran olduk.

eartun said...

Besiktas bir gerillanin hayata itirazidir.
Susarsa, catisma;
konusursa, savas;
yazarsa, destan;
severse, devrim olur.