Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Two Mega Events In 2 Days In June

June 26 and June 27 in Berlin this year will see two historic events for those interested in art-rock.

On June 26 Lou Reed, who came to fame with Velvet Underground, will perform his most dark, and his best solo album Berlin - a fact I deny, my favorite is Metal Machine Music for its musical ingenuity and braveness - in Berlin with a large ensemble of musicians. For this album he worked with the eclectic producer Bob Ezrin, who is know best for his work with Pink Floyd in their Album "The Wall", and as a result the album was very symphonic. I don't wanna miss this album played in the lovely city that it was dedicated to. Here is a longer version of the title song, from Reed's first album:

The next day, prominent noise-avantgarde rock band Sonic Youth will be performing their seminal album Daydream Nation. I have found a fan video to my favorite song of the album Providence, about which I had commented on my musical blog:

The eerie telephone talk reminds me of Godspeed You! Black Emperor song of the same name.

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