Thursday, June 28, 2007

Glasgow Guide Part 2 and a Quick Edinburgh Guide

I went on exploring the West-End District. Byres Road is definitely the hip part of this district with many pubs restaurants and bars on the sides. However the hidden secret is definitely the Ashton Lane, which is parallel to byres road. In a distance of 500 meters I counted 3 clubs, 3 live music bars 4 restaurants and a cinema. I was there only on afternoon but I bet it is a very nice during the night.

My other discovery on the West-End is the Kelvin River Walkway. A great way to experience West Glasgow would be starting out on the Kelvin Hall subway station, walking up the Byres road, eating on Ashton Lane, checking out if there is a chamber music concert in the Botanical Gardens at the intersection of Byres and Great Western, walking down River Kelvin Walkway, all the way down to Gibson Street which is full of student cafees, giving a break there, continue walking down the river to reach Kelvingrove Park, to "drink sangria in the park, and when it gets dark" not to go home as Lou Reed says, but to take the subway back to Buchannan Station to enjoy the Glasgow nights...

I also visited Edinburgh. Maybe because of my childhood memories of a great book about Edinburgh which my grandfather brought back long before I was born, I had huge expectations of Edinburgh. Unfortunately it seemed to me that Edinburgh is for Scotland what Heidelberg is for Germany. I hadn't seen so many souvenir shops since Heidelberg. You can smell the kitchiness of the souvenirs on High Street, which is the heart of Old City. I am sure this is a part of the city that the natives avoid at all costs. But being a tourist I did have a walk on High Street, and have a recommendation for a day plan in Edinburgh.

I would suggest those arriving by train to take the Market Street exit from the station, and walk up the Cockburn Street. Don't miss out the shop with alternative souvenirs, such as Sex Pistol's Key Rings, Casablanca cushions. Walk one of the steep stairs to High Street and walk to your right This will lead to the Castle of Edinburgh. If you can bare all the touristic stupidities, pay 11 pounds and enter the castle I did not so I don't have any idea how it is. Then walk all the way down the High Street to Reach the Holyrood, the seat of the new Scottish Parliament. It is a world-renowned design, which won many international architecture awards. I had talked about it in Eksisozluk a long time ago. It was great to see it in the end. Then if you have stamina try walking up the Arthur's Seat which is an old volcano looking over Edinburgh. Then walk north to Calton Hill, which is another panoramic viewpoint with a great sea view. Then hop back on your train back to Glasgow... I have a map about Edinburgh too.

In the end I loved Glasgow, and was disappointed by Edinburgh. Edinburgh is both too touristic and a little bit medieval that one feels old. Where as in Glasgow one can feel the dynamicity of this growing city. I would like to crown this great city with one the music from 4 of her best sons, the Scottish Guitar Armada, Mogwai! The song is called Glasgow Mega Snake.


thuan said...

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