Tuesday, March 27, 2007

We Are Young!

The weather's perfect, spring is here. I feel good. While sifting through the Mp3's i copied from my sister, I came across a perfect song for my mood from way back...

The lyrics should cheer up Nuri, who is celebrating his official Birthday today:

" But we are young, we run green,
Keep our teeth, nice and clean,
See our friends, see the sights, feel alright,"


aysenaz said...

ayni anda hem beatles hem rolling stones etkilesimi.

zeynep said...

acikcasi beni biraz huzunlendirdi bu video. Ben de oyle bir plajda kosmak istiyorum, ama WE diyo surekli. Oysa arkadaslarim cok uzaklarda... (plaj da cok uzaklarda ama plaj arkaplanini park veya sokakla degistirebiliriz)

Nuri Kayaoğlu said...

Eyvallah Kollege. I am cheered up (Denir mi böyle??)