Wednesday, March 21, 2007

About Battlestar Galactica, Shakespeare and Besiktas and Owning a House

I am not an avid house-furnisher. As a matter of fact I bought the furnitures for my apartment with my dad, and organized them with my mom. Various ornaments in the apartment are either presents or stuff that my mum brought with her when she came to visit. Everything was fine until I came back from Turkey after the New Years break. I had not noticed how empty my walls were until I was back home in Turkey. It took another 3 months for me to take action, but I am proud of the result.

What I did was to download the poster from Battlestar Galactica Website, get a print out on a A1 Paper and buy a passing frame from Ikea. Here is the result:

Last weekend was a great sporting weekend for me. I haven't compiled a statistics, but the number of weekends, on which Ferrari won a GP and Besiktas won, is not very large. This weekend was in this sense a nice exception. Kimi Raikkonen drove a commanding race leading from start to finish. It was obvious that Ferrari was a a good .5 seconds faster than all the other cars. Felippe Massa, who had a gear-box problem on the Quallies had to change his engine, and therefore started last on the grid. Still he managed to finish 6th. It looks like reliability will be the challenge for Ferrari. The real star of the race was the rookie Lewis Hamilton from McLaren who finished 3rd on his first ever F1 race. He had the potential to come 2nd, but a pit stop strategy, which might be considered as a team order, meant Alonso took 2nd place. On the other side Ferrari declared that this year there is no 1nd and 2nd drivers in Ferrari. The biggest disappointment was surely the Finnish rookie driver of Renault, Heikki Kovalainen, who spent more TV time on grass than on the track. As I expected McLaren started complaining about Ferrari instantly. Now its Ferrari's alleged movable floors...

On Besiktas side, football was not the most important thing to be remembered about this weekend's game against Kayseri Erciyesspor. As we played without spectators, due to a 2 minute chant that contained Parental Advisory Lyrics, the supporters were not at the center stage either. This time it was the banners. Sterotyped by the mass media as uneducated fight mongering hooligans, Besiktas fans expressed their sadness of not being able to chant for their teams with a Can Yucel, one of the most important modern Turkish poets, translation of Shakespeare's 66th sonnet:

Vazgeçtim bu dünyadan, dünyamdan geçtim ama,
Seni yalnız komak var, o koyuyor adama..

Tired with all these, from these would i be gone,
Save that, to die, i leave my love alone.

There was another banner reading "Bukowski bizi bira icmeye gotur- Bukowski take us beer drinking". Not all stereotypes are correct, or are they?

Lastly I want to share with you a great article about home ownership and unemployment and job satisfaction from the Financial Times Weekend edition. When you read it remembering the trouble the mortgage payments are causing to American and global economy, it is a nice mind exercise.

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