Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Day At The Awards

I was lucky last year. I had no online tickets, I did not reserved or anything. But I found 2 tickets for "Leonard Cohen I'm Your Man"'s European premiere (and watched it with Blixa Bargeld and Wim Wenders, yes I am trying to show off) during Berlinale.

I thought my luck would be with me again, and we would find 4 tickets for the last screening of 300. Unfortunately, the cinema we went to was also the venue for the Honorary Awards, and the screening was sold out. I am not disappointed, its coming to cinemas in April.

We waited outside the cinema, with the hope that we would catch some celebrities. But the only people who came out of the cinema were a bunch of old people who were actually carrying some awards, and no screaming and crying fans or anything of that sort. There was actually one artist-wannabe guy, who was wore an all white suit complete with white leather shoes and a white fur jacket. He unfortunately did not get any contacts with the film industry, but found his place on my blog. Though I am not sure if he's happy bout that. My suggestion to him is to seek a career as a Tarik Menguc double.

Then the hell broke loose, fans started flooding the red carpet. The security found it hard to stop the crowds. Apparently a very famous actor was on the red carpet, I did manage to get a photo of him, althouh I don't recognize who da hell he is, let's see if you guys can recognize him...


siyahbeyaz said...

oglum ,lısan ozurumu ozur olarak kabul et kafamda dumanlı,tanju okan ne demis icmisim basım dunuyor , hakikaten cohen e gıttnmı.

Diego said...

Sadi Amca, ben de ictim basim donuyor donuyor ama benim anladigim Ahmet Cihat Leonard Cohen'in filmine gitmis.

Bu arada kirmizi halidaki Joaquin Phoenix'den baskasi degil.

Ahmet C. Toker said...

ben gecen sene "leonard cohen: I am your man" adli leonard cohen ile ilgili bir belgesel/konser filminin galasina gittim baba. DVD'sini bulabilirsem sana da getiririm.

Babam ve arkadaslarim icerken evde yatiyor olmaktan utandim. Ama kendimi gelecek haftaki kayak gezisine fiziksel ve ruhsal olarak hazirliyorum.