Tuesday, September 19, 2006

To Lie, Not To Lie, To Lie, Not To Lie...

Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany has admitted last night on a private conversation or a speech to his Socialist Party Members that all that the politicians did the last 6 years was "to f*cking lie". Pretty open statement that did not shocked me. I mean the content of course, the fact that a politician is so brave to give out the politicians trade secrets is of course quite shocking.

There are two sides of this confession that catches my attention. First, let us see what did this guy get by lying? He became the first Hungarian PM to be re-elected. and by telling the truth? Civil unrest , 150 people injured, and the threat of loosing his seat. Of course, he should not have lied in the first place, but still there seems to be no incentive for a politician to tell the truth in the first place. Then the only way the believe in a politician is to trust his good will an sincerity, and those characteristics my friends, are hard to find in politicians. Weaponed with classical politicians tricks and tactics Mr. Gyurcsany is not resigning by the way.

The second and more important reason why I am interested in this news is that Hungary and Turkey are seen as the European Emerging Markets, which have great future ahead, if and only if they do not act stupidly, and create a reformed capital friendly open market economy. In the recent edition of the Economist, Hungary and Turkey were put in the same bowl in more than one occasion, and there are some critics in Turkey who believe that this last revival in Turkish economy is just like Hungary is a matter of lying and believing in this lie. I hope that this is not the case...

For those Hungarian speakers, the PM published the transcript on his blog. My Hungarian does not go further than "cebimde alma var".

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