Thursday, November 19, 2009

Must be Santa - Or Dylan Pulls another Self Portrait on us

The Rolling Stones review read "What is this shit?" after Dylan released a hard to understand and listen to album in 1970 titled "Self Portrait." After 2 successful -perhaps the most successful in Rock History- Trilogies he was bored of the attention and the meaning people were putting to his songs. The album was a joke more than anything.

After what might be called his new millenium trilogy - Time Out Of Mind, Love and Theft, Modern Time- and a very "pop" Together Through Life, Dylan pulled another Self Portrait at us. His new album is called Christmas at Heart and features the voice of generations sing songs of generations, the Christmas songs. All the artists' royalties are going to World Food Programme, helping the organization that feeds hungry children around the globe.

My personal favorite from the album is the first single, with this delightful video which has Dylan in a wig, dancing, drinking and singing:

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