Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Interesting Sports: Kabaddi

Olympics is underway in Bejing -running parallel with the most stupid war in my lifetime. The records in swimming are unbelievable, and for sure has to do with the technological advances in the swimming suits -or maybe also in the drugs, who knows?

Looking at all the different sport types in Olympics, an old interest of mine has resurfaced again. I have been always interested in not so well-known sport types. I had already written about Gaelic Football on this blog. I intend to write about some interesting sports during the Olympics.

First of these sport types is called Kabaddi. The game is very interesting as it is a team sport played without any balls or related accessories. It may thought of as group wrestling. At each round one team sends a raider player to the other side. This raider's task is to wrestle down one opponent player and run back to his own half. During this time, the defending team tries to make a ring around the raider by holding each others arms. Originated in the Indian subcontinent, this sport requires agility and lots of strength. Here is a game from 2006 World Cup:

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kabaddi said...

kabaddi rocks

kabaddi said...

check out http://www.kabaddi.org for more

thuan said...

i cant believe whats happenign in swimming

Ahmet C. Toker said...

dude, have you read any articles about it? is it the suits, the pool, or the drugs?

thuan said...

i am personally inclined to believe, without any heavy support, it is the latter 2. how much more can a suit improve you? drugs have always been 3 steps further of drug control, and its been shown how prevalent it is in most athletics. maybe we'll find out in a few years that this has all been tainted