Friday, December 15, 2006

Price of Justice

"Mister X's wife got a £170,000 Rolls-Royce as a birthday present."

"She and her entourage had a chartered Boeing 747 cargo plane laid on to fly home their shopping."

"Mister X's son enjoyed a £99,000 skiing trip in Colorado for himself and his friends while the Mister X's daughter got a video of her wedding costing almost £200,000."

"All paid for by Company Y."

Mister X is a Saudi Prince, and Company Y is the British Defense Giant BAE Systems. And the money was paid under the counter to guarantee the most lucrative defense deal in UK History. These allegations were covered in BBC.

So British legal authorities stepped into the case to investigate these claims. Something that is expected from a country promoting Democracy and openness in the world. Then...

Then the money won.

Saudi's got angry and threatened to cancel contracts. The defense industry told the government that thousands of UK jobs were under threat (everyone knows that the care about billions of dollars not the workers). The government found a great lie, and told the investigation threatened the ties between Saudi Arabia, who is an important partner in the war against All-The-Evil-in-the-Whole-Wide-World, and England, and therefore had to be canceled.

Just because this Saudi Prince had (and controlled) huge amounts of money, he was allowed to get even more amount of money illegally. Just like Luis Armstrong sang:

What a wonderful world...

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