Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Another normal day at Google

I've used Google Talk 's Voicemail feature for the first time with my uncle. There are two aamzing sides to this first timer.

First is the software itself, Voice mail is a great idea. I hate typing long e-mails to friends, and thats why I get a lot of "why aren#t you writing to me"'s. What I am gonna do is give'em a Google Talk Account (if I haven't still done so), and send them voicemails from time to time. Teh messages come to your mailbox as E-mails, and you can either listen to them on built -in player or download as mp3 file.

Second interesting point is that it got my uncle interested to it. I mean he is not a computer illiterate, but he is not a geek or power-user either. Yet, Google's simplicity lets even not so advanced users play around...

And best of all, google talk is still beta :)


Horne Acal said...

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